Bottoms up!

tabSo there’s this thing. A wonderful thing. An ingenious device designed in 1976 by Daniel F. Cudzik to eliminate the then-everpresent menace of the discarded beverage can pull tab.

650px-Beverage_pull_tabBack then, aluminum can pull tabs were everywhere, littering the landscape and cutting people’s feet. They were such a pestilence that environmentally minded crafters started incorporating them into crocheted clothing and purses as a way to use them up.


All of which have since been recycled.

Now, though, there’s no more need for that. Cudzik’s pop tab is affixed to its container, waiting quietly to do its job, then remaining in place to be disposed of without a second thought.

What do you do when faced with such a miracle of inconspicuous engineering? Do you reflect upon its ingenuity? Do you ignore it, and turn your mind to other things? Do you blithely recycle your can?

No. No, you do not. There is only one possible response to Cudzik’s invention, and that is to RUIN IT. “Screw you, Cudzik!” shout legions of modern crafters, wrenching the tabs off their cans. Have trouble getting the pesky things off? Check out a video showing the best way to remove them. Or buy tabs in lots on Ebay for a penny apiece.

And for what? To show your commitment to the environment.

You can make “Not Landfill Ready Repurposed Creations” like this lovely ring:

Or earrings “you can’t wear …without getting into a conversation about your recycling passion!”:

Or a highly useful wine holder:


A bowl, apparently:a-la-lata-recycled-bowl


A sculpture (Note the message “Please Recycle” printed in the center hole!):


A hat:tabhat

A plastic soda bottle cozy — yes, a PLASTIC SODA BOTTLE COZY! FOR REAL! Too freaking much!:


And, uh, this:???????????????????????????????via

That last thing — a “booklet,” according to the description — is by someone who made a different pop tab project every day for a year. A year! I can’t stick to anything for a year. I have been outdone by a pop-tab person.

Side note: While surfing for 1970s pull tab projects, I came across these amazing shorts. How cute are they? I’m dying!


4 responses to “Bottoms up!

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    • Oh yeah, I’ve seen that. So silly. On the other hand, at least it *is* a real use, as opposed to a project dreamed up specifically to use up these tabs.

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