QUIZ! It’s my sixth post and time for a quiz.

Here we have a creation by New York Design Week exhibitor Fabrica. Fabrica makes stuff out of “horse reins and jute sacks … tire tube for leather; marbles as a ball bearing system, etc.” (and uses “age-old craft techniques” and “a diversity of ethnic groups … working together under one roof,” because otherwise you might as well GTFO, right? Right!)

Anyway, here is the QUIZ! question:


FabricaDesign-SeatBall-3A) a yoga ball, ottoman or seating
B) a chandelier, bread bin or illustration of the structure of the paleocene microflora Compositoipollenites rizophorus
C) A drink muddler, copper-pot-polishing station or reason to question your place in the universe


Look, I’ve got a lot going on in my life. Yeah, I know, I decided to write about this stuff, so I’ve got to be ready to pony up with the verbiage. But I’ve hit my sixth post and I’m starting to question some things. Should I really have to come up with a “funny” comment every time? Doesn’t some of this stuff speak for itself?

Oh, wait, yes it does! I mean, just look at that thing. On with the quiz!

D) A headboard, cat confuser or … oh, let’s just say ottoman again.

It’s A! The answer is A. Yoga ball/ottomans for all!

Have you confused your cat recently?


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