Jonesing for pallets

Sometimes you don’t really need a particular pallet item, you just need pallets. Just to breathe in that behind-the-grocery-store ambience. You just need a hit of that wood.

These projects satisfy the jones — and don’t do much else.

Pallet wood, the perfect wedding gift. “Make a unique piece of art that the happy couple will cherish for years to come!” suggests Make magazine. But it’s not just a priceless keepsake; it’s also highly useful! “This idea would also be perfect for making large, sturdy signs to guide your guests to the right spot. It would certainly have worked better than the flimsy cardboard that my husband and I used!” Don’t let your nuptials be marred by flimsy signage — grab that crowbar and sawzall NOW.

Even before the big day you can incorporate pallets into your sacred union via a romantic ring box:

“Engagement ring box made from reclaimed pallet wood” (Etsy, $15). OK, A) Note how they posed the box against a background of unfinished pallet wood, as if to remind us that however elegant and hi-class the result, the origins were humble. B) So what happens to the box the ring came in? I guess it goes right into the landfill now, doesn’t it?

“Rustic pallet wall furniture” (Etsy, $100) Just, you know, “furniture.” That’s all.

Say you need storage for 7 pots, a trowel, some clippers and a metal thing. That kind of capacity can be hard to find. But wait! Turns out, a pallet is the perfect size to make a shelving “system!” What a happy coincidence.

“Lovely handmade wooden pallet laundry sign” and another laundry sign (Etsy, $12 and $20). Pallet wood can deliver important messages.

No matter how you use it — or, you know, “use” it — pallet wood always reminds you of the most important thing:

P.S. If you’re going to get into the pallet scene, learn the lingo. Various pallet sites yielded the following slang:

“pallet porn”
“your daily pallet fix”
“makes a great gift”


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