Friday Special: Cake or Death

I found so many ravishing cake stands the other day, I just had to feature a few more. (Also, there’s a whole Pinterest board devoted to “DIY Upcycle Cake Stands,” so I want to be sure and do justice to the movement.)

In the “no comment” department:

il_fullxfull.OK, one comment: What is this even made of? The description just says “The Autumn* Made with Repurposed Recycled Upcycled cake picture.” Throw in a few more keywords, please.


(That’s what a real “no comment” looks like.)

In the “Say what?” department:il_570xN.“Create a family heirloom!”
cheese boards“You ever wonder what to do with all of those cutting boards at Goodwill?”

Yeah, how about throw them away? Or find some other way to NOT bring food in contact with a manky old thing from a thrift store? Because YUCK? Just asking.
Cake-S“Will bring lots of visual height to your tablescape.” Get that cake UP THERE!

Our next participant did… something… to a light fixture.
cakestandI think those muffins could be higher. Try again!
47e2b033Now, that is a high cake. And the delicate beads glued around the edge add a much-needed touch of femininity.

To make a luscious cake for $5, get Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Decadent mix, swirl the stuff from the pouch into the batter instead of spooning it on top, then top it with icing out of one of those little tubs. It’s super dense and rich — for $5!

* “The Autumn”? HAHAHAHA

P.S. The title of this post is from Eddie Izzard. See the clip here.


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