Keep the Design Students Away From the Bees!

It’s so nice when a decision pays off! When I decided to save the second part of Monday’s design post until today, it hadn’t then occurred to me that I would now have room for this:

Not Nic Cage!

Not Nic Cage!

You may remember me saying Monday that design students are both cute and singularly incompetent at addressing serious social problems. The latter quality was amply displayed among the winners of this year’s Student Design Awards run by the UK’s Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts. (Not so much the former quality, though, to judge by the pix on the site. Step it up, Brits!)

Slide and die, mothereffer.

So, what’s a good way to get the word out on the Bee Crisis? This genius graphic from HuffPo, in which a Slider Bar of Doom transforms two photos into a gut-freezing time warp.

A bad way to get the word out on the Bee Crisis: Contest-winning project “The Hive,” aka “pestering a small-town population ’til they plant more gardens and stuff.” (Not a real quote. But close.) And they’ll build beehives. Seriously, that really is the whole plan. The prospective vic: Devonport, UK, a town with 52 Facebook likes.gnome

They say their hives/gardens will “encourage more participation and strengthen personal investment in the… community.” I feel better already. Ultimately (and incoherently), “The successful transition within Devonport, The Hive model can be transferred and implemented in other communities.” (SIC.) It all reads like that South Park underpants gnome formula. Phase One: Build Hives. Phase Two: ? Phase Three: Bees Profit!

You can check it out for yourself on page 21 of the RSA’s quick-loading and informative PDF. Here’s a preview of the Hive page:

beeslideGold and gray? Luscious! And so evocative of bees. Or have bees’ shiny black stripes turned gray LIKE THEIR POOR LITTLE HEARTS as a result of the fact that even as we speak they’re being driven freakin’ extinct, smashed and ruined just like everything else in the world, because people are such moral imbeciles that they would rather replace bees with ROBO-BEES than give up the profits on bee-killing pesticides? HAVE THEY???!?


A Robo-bee. We’re saved!

God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This bee thing… yaaaagh. It gives me welts on the skin that often itch and vary in size from as small as a pen tip to as large as a dinner plate.



Next week:



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