Thursday links: Hacks! Book hacks, iPod hacks, ant hacks, hack hacks.

bookscapeAnother view on the hacking-up-books issue.

At the Wedding Industrial Complex, soothing words: Calm Down, Everyone, Pinterest is Not Ruining Weddings.

An Altoids case made from an old iPod shuffle! Courtney Sexton, you are the future!

ipodaltoidsThe Pintester has figured out why she doesn’t like crafts: Because they involve math. Sorry, Sandor!

At I Hate the New York Times, meditations on SEO: “Search engine optimization is easy.  For instance, let’s say you’re a blogger, and you have a target audience who is interested in a variety of topics, such as ‘David Brooks idiot,’ ‘David Brooks stupid,’ ‘David Brooks hack,’ ‘David Brooks dickhead’…”

From the “Where There’s No Will, There’s a Way” Desk: Smog-Eating Sidewalks.

Swiss scientist Danielle Mersch has createdThe Truman Show for ants.” It may help with the bee crisis, too.



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