Friday Links: Everyone poops!

everyone_poopsToday, everyone poops.

Get Cynical poops on Game of Thrones.

MoJo poops on Google for cozying up to climate-change deniers.

Manboobz poops on Canada.

Grist poops on cute animal videos.

STFU, Parents poops on a pregnant gal rolling around in Molly Ringwald’s prom dress from Pretty in Pink.

Quinoa the Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler poops on anyone who questions her ludicrous extensions.

Craft Fail’s Robyn actually kind of fails to sufficiently poop on this stupid idea to make a camera-shaped “decoration” out of Arizona iced tea cans. Seriously, Robyn is waaaay too nice to this project. Even if it were a good idea, it would deserve far worse than it gets here simply because the creator is a video munchkin named Macbarbie07. Boo, Macbarbie07! Boooooo!


Also: Huh?


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