Abusing Old Records: Get Out of the Groove

I have this theory that people who make ugly stuff out of old records had terrible taste in music when they were teenagers. And still do.

Exhibit #1: A “Funky Chip Bowl” made by melting David Bowie’s 1978 narration of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” on green vinyl, with accompanying 50-page(?!) notebook made from the album cover and bound with one of those horrid cheap plastic spirals you get at the office supply store. bowie
Created by: Etsy seller ItsOurEarth.

Other items by ItsOurEarth:


Clock with distressing olde-timey gold-painted hands and numbers, made from 1979 Elvis picture disc


50-page blank notebook bound with horrible cheap plastic spiral, made from the cover of “Abbey Road”


Another nasty clock with olde-timey hands and numbers, this one made from the Beatles’ 1973 “The Red Album : 1962 to 1966″

I dunno, I just think anyone who had an early appreciation for great music wouldn’t be so cavalier about messing up old records, no matter how scratched or “obsolete” they might be. So let’s imagine…

kccoverItsOurEarth’s record collection, age 14:

K.C. and the Sunshine Band, “K.C. and the Sunshine Band”
“The Way We Were” soundtrack (left behind by sister who’s off at college)
Peter Frampton, “Frampton Comes Alive!”
of “Cat’s in the Cradle,” “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Lady”

Fast forward a few decades…

On ItsOurEarth’s iPod:

Robin-ThickeTrain, “California 37”
“Glee: The Music, vol. 4”
something by Maroon 5
mp3s of top hits by Robin Thicke, fun., Shakira, etc.

I’ve gotta be close, right? Take another look at poor ole Ziggy if you doubt me.

Coming Friday: Another exhibit, and more about my theory.

*Thanks to Simon of ST33 for his great post Destroying Vinyl.


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