Where do you put your butt?

Where do you put your butt? It’s a simple question, but a crucial one. Where you sit can determine whether you’re sold to a circus:Horton_hatches_the_egg

Or die ignominiously:


Or become a meme:


Or shut up and do your coloring.


And, of course, it can determine the fate of Mother Earth. For instance, you can save Mother Earth from the scourge of discarded plushies, like Santa Fe artist Don Kennell.

plushlounge1 plushlounge2Only problem is, Mother Earth probably wouldn’t want to sit there. As Jeremy of Jeremyriad writes, “you’d need to unload a stream of anti-bacterial Febreze to get my OCD ass anywhere near” this stuffed-toy lounge. I think he’s putting too much faith in Febreze — or any cleanser yet invented by humans. The parents out there will know best what substances are ground into the yielding nap of a plush toy during its lifespan. I’m guessing: spit, snot and playground dirt… Luscious.

If you’re irresistibly drawn to filthy cloth, here’s the perfect companion piece to the plushie lounge: Utrecht designer Tejo Remy’s rag chair.


rag chairThis retails for €3,260* from the design studio Droog, which may seem like a lot, but you do have the option of providing your own rags. That way, notes Droog, “each piece is unique; a treasure-chest of memories.” Memories of… polishing the silver? Scrubbing your hands after you change the oil?

And yet Droog and even Remy himself have produced some pretty cool stuff too. This wine-glass doorbell probably sounds beautiful.

bottoms_up_doorbell_02 And I think it’s actually perfectly fair for Droog to claim Remy’s “Chest of Drawers” is an “icon of conceptual design.” chest_of_drawers_02
I’d argue that this goes beyond witty to truly thought-provoking. After all, normal chests of drawers are designed to tell lies: they hide a bunch of miscellaneous, ugly, and/or illicit stuff behind a facade. By obscuring the existence of all the crap that’s part of your life, they allow you to create a falsely harmonious living space.

Remy’s chest upends that. It’s a celebration of all your cluttery stuff. Even the strap emphasizes the energy we spend collecting our stuff and hanging on to it, as well as creating the exciting visual suggestion of a world traveler’s pile of luggage. And it doesn’t even look messy. The untidiness of the uneven, unmatched drawer fronts is balanced by the clean wood of the box surrounds. You can show your stuff, this piece says, without it getting out of control.

Hey, what can I say? I know it’s not as much fun when things aren’t ugly, but I gotta call ’em like I see ’em. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. And an elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent!

(Nice callback, eh?)

*It’s Euro-trash. Hahahahaha!!! Did I mention that I kill myself?


2 responses to “Where do you put your butt?

  1. “…design studio Droog…”
    Being the studio of a young man whose principal interests are upcycling, ultra-violence and Beethoven.

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