Things That Make You Go Hmmmm: A Buttkicking Filipino Kid, Alice in Wonderland vs. Drugs, Bike Dates

Friday Links!

Dangerous Minds’ Tara McGinley is on my good-girl list. First, she finds a 1971 Alice in Wonderland-themed anti-drug PSA that makes you want to try every drug RIGHT THIS MINUTE, PLEASE. Because the filmmakers clearly did. “Maybe cigarettes and alcohol are like medicine! I didn’t ever think of that,” says Alice. Get a load of these screenshots:

alice1dsfsdfsdf alice2sdfsdfsdfs

Also great fun, especially if you liked the destroying vinyl posts, is another Tara find: Sh*t People Say at Record Stores.

TYWKIWDBI finds a great pic of an 1892 redwood murder. For some reason the extra-long saw makes me particularly mad. “This tree’s so big, we’d need a special tool to destroy it.” “Done and done!”


Angry Asian Man dug up the pilot of the 1986 show Sidekicks, starring a 10-year-old action hero. It features “a crotchety cop, a little Filipino kid, some faux Asian mysticism, a bad synthesizer soundtrack, and a lot of ridiculous excuses to show Ernie [Reyes Jr.] deliver an asskicking every week.” And a ridiculous excuse to spend Friday afternoon watching YouTube.

PhD Comics makes me go “Hmmmm.” (Go on, click that link! CLICK IT!!!) Anyway — where do you get your good ideas? Do you have any?


PhD Comics has also addressed the Bee Crisis. In other enviro news: Grist’s Claire Thompson learns the NRA is trying to protect lead bullets for some reason, and Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan goes on a bike date. But it’s with her fiancé , so I’m not sure it counts.


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