Bad crafts get Mstied

mst-logo-wrenchHere’s a little game that combines ugly projects and MST3K — MST3K being Mystery Science Theater 3000, if you’re some kind of mouth-breathing trog who’s ignorant of the pillars of the Late Modern Entertainment Canon. Either way, didja know a lot of the eps are up on YouTube? Novices and full-blooded Msties alike can catch the snaggle-nosed villains and alarming children of Prince of Space and recall the immortal declaration from Pod People: “It Stinks!”

Meanwhile, here’s a game for you. Choose which MST sound clip best matches each of the pix below.

Click the links to hear the sound clips.

1) “Do you think this is just a trumpet? No!” Joel: “It’s a bong!”
2) “Well, I hope that bomb didn’t land on our pile of tires and our busted refrigerator in the yard and the rusted chassis of our ’68 Impala.”
3) “Joel, this is gonna turn into a snuff film.”
4) “Manos, The Hands of Fate.”
5) “You know what my kids would say…” Tom: “You’re not my real father!”


A) Doll parts as drawer handles, creator unknown

B) Egg cup made from a bent fork by Scott Bedford (author of “Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints For Making Cool Stuff”)

fork-egg-holder-eggless-retina fork-egg-holder-front-retina
C) Hanging planters made of old tires, creator unknown

D) “Sea Creatures Business Card or Jewelry Holder” made from a plastic bottle, Nel Co Creations

E) Mannequin head planters, creator unknown, from the Facebook group Repurposed Recycled Reused Reclaimed Restored


Oh, yeah: IT STINKS!

(Here’s the video that’s from.)


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