Get a Buzz For a Buck (or 4)

We humans are such sanctimonious little buttheads. Whenever we do the right thing, even for selfish reasons, we pat ourselves on the back all day long. For instance, I’m actually going to take the time to look up a study about this that I vaguely remember, instead of just alluding to it without any details, and that makes me feel great.

The study, published in Science in 2008, found that people who give as little as $5 to charity feel good about it the rest of the day. Most of us know from experience that even giving a buck to a homeless person can make you feel like a tiny king. Or me, anyway. What a little asshole I am.

BUT! There’s an upside to this quirk of human nature: When a cause can actually benefit from small donations, it means a whole bunch of people have the opportunity to enjoy that bargain buzz. That’s exactly the case today. I’ve got a bargain that’s all about “buzz” — because it’s for the bees. (Get it? Bees make a buzzing noise. Ha ha!)


Yes, our fave l’il critters have found some defenders, and they only want a modest amount of cash to get some stuff done. “Modest” as in not $5, not $1, but a mere $4! That’s right, you can save the bees by simply pretending you don’t see that guy sitting on the sidewalk next to the subway for a couple days! Or even give to both, hey, it’s your money.

logoIt takes, like, ten seconds to put through a little donation with your credit card or Paypal. Click here to donate $4, and have a great day — literally!

Again, here’s the link to donate $4 to the bees. And here’s a random funny project for you, just to bolster the “buzz.” (Ha ha!)


It’s a table made of egg cartons! With, like, plant holes or something.


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