Links: Wedding upcyclers and autocorrect jokes, boo!

european_honey_bee_1Got some links for ya! First, though, big snaps to everybody who gave $4 to the bees — and based on my stats that was a healthy number of you. Nice work! Hope it felt as good as it should. For another hit, here’s the link again: SAVE THE BEES. $4, people. $4.

Now, link party!

box-mural-illusionA painted optical illusion envisions what an intersection would look like without the cars. I think it really works, don’t you?

Mikala Bierma skewers bridal upcycling in her guise as the DIY Bride:

I wanna be her Pintern! Oh, wait — “no repinners need apply.” Dang! Check out her other DIY Bride vids here.

Eff Your Noguchi Coffee Table features pallet wood! (That’s pallet wood, right?)

Luke O’Neil of PTSOTL spoils Damn You Autocorrect for the rest of us. Damn you, Luke O’Neil!

Love you, Grist: That iPhone uses more electricity than your fridge. That’s why I’ve got a Net10 flip phone.

Fisher-Price Friendly Flip Phone

And it’s just plastic!


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