LONLO Mania Continues

wheel-of-fortune-me-2Calm down, people, calm DOWN. I’m here! With another episode of…





First let’s take another look at yesterday’s pic. The puzzler: Is this a lamp or a crushed mass of corpses?082713corpses

I’m sure you thought this was a pile of twisted bodies, a reference to the work of — or perhaps part of an actual sculpture by — Jake and Dinos Chapman.


A closeup from Jake and Dinos Chapman’s “The Sum of All Evil,” 2012-13

But in fact, it’s a lamp!


This “Toy Lamp” is the creation of jejune dorkus Ryan McElhinney, a designer who claims he’s “recycling” toys by gluing them into this… thing… and coating them in polyurethane lacquer. Plenty of “green” websites agree with him: his work has been featured by GreenDiary.com, Ecofriend.com and Recreate Design Company, just to name a few. But, well… come on already! Coating something in polyurethane isn’t the same as recycling it! Recycling the toys would be breaking them down into plastic that could be used for other things… non-butt-ugly things. McElhinney’s lamps are headed for the dumpster just like the original toys were; they’re just going to take a little longer to get there.

I’m talking about this too much, I know, but that’s because it’s Art, and thus intimidating. I don’t know much about art. But I know from butt-ugly, and this is butt-ugly. And fake-clever. I’m down with painting random objects gold and using them as lamps — that’s sort of witty — but why toys? There is no reason why. And yet that didn’t keep McElhinney from making more lamps in other colors:


And this exciting creation:



Also, I hate it when artists hit on a gimmick that works pretty well in one context, and then they flog it to death in a bunch of different ways that don’t make any sense (*cough*CindySherman*cough*). In this case, we’re talking about a gimmick that didn’t make any sense to begin with. Bah. BAH!

OK, on to the next game. Is this…



Answer tomorrow!


2 responses to “LONLO Mania Continues

  1. Ryan McElhinney’s tree looks eerily like Connie Willis’s description of the ‘Bishops Bird Stump’ in her humorous science fiction classic ‘To Say Nothing of the Dog’
    In the novel the time travellers have no end of trouble locating the arty relic imagined to have existed in Coventry Cathedral shortly before it was bombed in the Second World War, only to discover exactly how hideous the creation was.
    I’d like to see McElhinney’s tree given pride of place somewhere, possibly in the creationist museum.

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