It’s a Vacation — from bad crafts

I’m taking a day off from my highly necessary policing of bad crafts to focus on a few examples of — gasp! — aesthetically appealing reuse & recycling. As you can imagine, this new, more positive direction doesn’t leave much room for commentary, which makes it perfect for today.

So yeah, I actually recommend that you try these out! Because they’re just lovely.

1) The Slide Lamp.

As they digitize their collections, libraries are throwing away vast quantities of slides. This is a beautiful and clever way to reuse them.

slide-lamp slide-lamp2 slide-lamp-22

2) The Penny Vase.

Maybe pennies don’t exactly count as trash, but they are… trash-adjacent. Coinstar takes 10 percent, you know. 10 freaking percent! But this vase works surprisingly well.

Penny-covered vase

I think the key to successfully reusing trash (or the trash-adjacent) is to keep it simple. Join Slides Into Lampshade. Glue Pennies Onto Vase. If the directions consist of four words, you’re safe.

3) Bottle Cap Stuff.

Once again, we see the four-word principle in action:

A table with a bottle cap mosaic on top

Glue Caps To Table.

Embed Caps Near Tree.



Press Caps Into Resin.

A backsplash with a bottle cap mosaic

Put Caps On Everything.

Furniture covered with bottle caps

Bottle cap covered furniture

So have a happy day off — back to the stomach-turners tomorrow.


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