Say you want to reek of rubber. Heck, we all do. But it can be difficult to achieve.

Oh, wait… no, it can’t.

AMen Cologne rubber“Thierry Mugler A*Men Rubber Spray contains notes of mint, coffee, caramel, lavender and tar which make every man spicy and alluring. Contained in a rubber flask, this cologne is nearly indestructible ready for anything, like the man who wears it. $38.43 – $62.00

How could I have imagined for so much as two seconds that a product like this wouldn’t exist? Or that it would cost $62? And I totally forgot about this crowd:


“Making Rubber by Demeter Fragrance Library was a lark, we admit it — We thought it was funny and naughty at the same time, an irresistible combination to our collective fragranced psyche. But it really has the scent of rubber. It’s an experience. We admit, however, that it takes a very particular person to wear it.”

The particular person who will hurt you. With this:


“Talkin’ Trash Custom Tire Paddle. For consummate piquance, choose the 3 x 17 paddle. For severe chastisement, go with the 4 x 21 paddle. $90.”

I think I just found my new logo! Anyhoo, If you’re into the scent — and the look! Let’s not forget the look! — of old tires, there are actually plenty of cheaper alternatives.

Like this bag, which offers tires and pop tops, combined. I think I’m in heaven!


Below, two items from on — where else? — Etsy. They’re vegan!




$65… wait, what?


This bracelet is a better deal — only $15.


Not sure where you can get this shoe. Sorry, fellas! And ladies! Sure, ladies too!


This “post-apocalyptic” tire tube halter by, er, “KrakenWhip” has already sold out. Sorry, ladies! And fellas! Sure, fellas too!


Once you’re all decked out, you can hang with this guy.

tire sculpture by yong ho ji

Recycled tire art by Yong Ho Ji.

UPDATE: I changed my mind! Hey, it happens. To see my new take on the tire vest, go here.


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