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Gotta love wrapup blogs. You know, the kind that reblog a couple of pictures, tagged with keywords, to have an excuse to show their ads. These guys usually decide they better put some text in there too, and who better to write it than a $0/hour intern who’s trying to add the magic acronym “SEO” to their resume?

Over at — aw hell, who cares what blog it is? — the resident intern decided to play art critic with some of the very pieces we looked at in yesterday’s cigarette butt post. Let’s see how it’s done.


On Tom Deininger’s filter rabbit:

Deininger, “A man deeply troubled by what he calls ‘the environmental crisis we are facing,’ [“What he calls the environmental crisis”? What else do you call it?] says of the work: ‘I don’t think making cute, little bunnies out of discarded cigarette filters is going to fix everything, but it doesn’t hurt. [OK, so Tom isn’t exactly Mr. Brainwave either.] ‘Its gravity may lie in it as a metaphor,’ [Tom adds], by which, presumably, he refers to the tension between pollution and the natural world.” [Presumably.]


This Joe Camel head is by Claire Jones, who’s apparently a student at the U of Michigan.

“It’s not clear if the artist smoked the cigarettes herself, [Well then find out already! Let’s see a little SHOE LEATHER REPORTING, Pal!] but art is surely a better destination for the butts than the streets of Michigan. [Even when the art is this art?] The admirable concept of reuse apart, the camel-colored cigarettes make an ideal material for a sculpture of a camel, the fluffy filters perfectly resembling the animal’s fur.”

Our own l’il Hilton Kramer also turned his eye to a couple of works I didn’t feature yesterday. In one case, there was a very good reason I didn’t feature it. This is the reason:


“Iraqi Veteran Burn Victim” by John Norwood

Norwood, the… artist?… makes all sorts of stuff out of his own cigarette butts and empty cigarette packages. He even used cigarette butts to spell out a love message for a friend who was proposing to his girlfriend. What a guy!

OK, OK, I know it is wrong to reject art just because it happens to be stomach-turning. (And also offensively cutesy? Maybe?) But hey, at least I didn’t say “This piece… is a striking reminder of the inflammatory situation in Iraq.” At least I didn’t say that.Christ-You-Know-it-Aint-Easy-sarah-lucas

One more. Sarah Lucas’ “Christ, You Know It Ain’t Easy” is actually made out of unsmoked cigs, not butts, but that didn’t keep our writer from profunditizing. (Not a keyword.) “This sculpture by Sarah Lucas is titled “Christ You Know it Ain’t Easy” — a comment, perhaps, on the difficulty of giving up smoking [Oh, really?] …she once said, ‘I’ve got these cigarettes around, so why not use them’ — an attitude we heartily commend.”

Commend away, dude!


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