Books: The Indignity Continues

Here’s a little photo roundup to supplement  yesterday’s post about mangling books.

Book planters march on!



That’s crab grass, right?

I think this next one is made of a water-damaged phone book. So elegant!


Books go to jail. I don’t see any symbolism here, do you?


Meanwhile, the “Books as Furniture” trend I talked about previously continues.

bench-of-thought-alvaro-tamaritI think he put some pallet wood in there too, just to class it up.

This stool is so… wimpy.


Vintage books and quasi-midcentury-mod legs, for that schizo feel. Why am I not surprised that the designer placed it next to a towering Shabby Chic Lamp With Nonfunctional Shade?

book-stoolExposed aluminum bolts and bottom-grade plywood? Truly an heirloom-to-be.

Another Mauled-Books/Nonfunctional-Shade combo:


What do you reckon that lamp weighs, about 75 pounds?

Below, a wedding arch made of books. I guess if they stay together long enough to read all those, the marriage can be counted a success.


But really, the only way to celebrate books at a wedding is to leave piles of them around for people to read instead of doing the Electric Slide. Oh, wait, they did!

book pile wedding centerpiece

Next we have… oh, come on!


Graham Greene is a highly respected author! He does not deserve to be pierced. Also, it looks stupid.

UPDATE: I changed my mind about that wedding arch. Go here for the new view.


5 responses to “Books: The Indignity Continues

  1. The wedding arch, I can kind of see. Maybe they met at a bookclub, or one of them is a librarian. It’s possible it’s meaningful to them, and it looks kind of nice to boot. The rest of it, however…just ugh!

  2. I feel so bad for the books. I actually had an antique dealer come by this week to look at buying my 3 big boxes of early 20th century books – petite, leather bound, with gilt pages and ornately decorated spines. Shakespeare and Wilde, Tennyson and Kipling… Some with gorgeous Art Nouveau covers. He turned his nose up at them and said they have no value, “they’re just pretty…maybe good for reading.”

    I think this may be the end of civilisation as we know it.

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