Bad Craft Roundup

Today, a bad craft roundup. Mostly courtesy of that aesthetic oasis, the Repurposed Recycled Reused Reclaimed Restored Facebook page. (They were the geniuses who brought us the ruined wrenches and wig-head planters.)


It’s a ring. Made of a key.

…and below, key rings. In this case, made as favors for a wedding. I love the math here: Something that doesn’t need to exist + something else that doesn’t need to exist = something that could have been composted that will now be thrown away. (Don’t you wish it were easier to compost? We need to get some urban composting action happening.)


A whole patio made of pallets. What’s with the higgeldy-piggeldy slats? Is that a thing? Should we be putting those everywhere now?**pallet-patio

An old tennis racket transformed into a mirror/cosmetics tray through elf magic glass beads. The handle was similarly encrusted and dubbed a brush holder. “They make awesome gifts!” says the creator.

racket-awesome gift

Another tennis racket transformation, this one titled “Mardi Gras.” The creator says she’s “made more than 150 of these over the years.” That’s a lot of tit flashes!


Am I crazy? I actually think these are a riot. You’d have to clean them up a little though; maybe paint them. They look kind of beat-down.


**I got to say “higgeldy-piggeldy!” It’s gonna be a great weekend.


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