Sunday Styles: The Fashionistas of Instructables

Because when you think high fashion, you think of the site whose logo is a robot.header-robot

Ah, the tie skirt — an ad hoc crafters’ classic. I believe Coco Chanel threw one of these on before she went out for a nightcap with her Nazi boyfriend. The insouciant deployment of two more ties to form a belt is what makes it “2014.”tie-skirt

Listen, lady, sewing ties together is not upcycling! Those ties were not garbage. They were just something you got for cheap at the thrift store.

The same goes for this painted thrift-store purse.piano-clutch-upcycle

The inspiration for this? A Kate Spade clutch. I think the maker should have just omitted to tell us that. The original:


It’s a perfect copy! Just like those fake Vuittons.

Now this… this is indubitably upcycling, yessiree Bob.


It’s made from “old recycled reflectors, mesh wire, curtains and napkins all found at the side of the road.” No wonder her date looks confused. He seems to be trying to figure out where her breasts are.

I think everyone had a girl like this who sat at their lunch table in high school. Every day, she’d tell you all about herself while you were trying to finish your geometry homework.

Here’s her “prom dress.” Made “mostly from stuffed animals that were being thrown away. The long train is layers of 70’s curtains.”


It’s like the prom dress in Pretty in Pink, only with a wad of stuff tacked on the front of the skirt. And all over her body. (P.S. — That Pretty in Pink prom dress was fug, am I right? Molly should have just worn the ’50s one.)

“All my dresses are glued gunned,” the designer admits, adding, “I really need to learn how to sew. ” No, no you don’t.


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