UnBargains: Recycled Items From the Other Etsies

Did you know there are other crafty shopping sites besides Regretsy?* I mean, Etsy? It’s true! And like Etsy, they feature lots and lots of stuff that no one in their right mind would spend money on. Even better, some of it is recycled!

See if you can guess how much each of these lovely items costs.

1. Site: ShopHandmade
Seller: Beer Can Magnets and More
Item: PBR Bottle Cap Motorcycle
bottle-cap motorcycle
A) $1
B) $3
C) $15.99
D) You gotta be kidding me.

2. Site: ArtFire
Seller: Three Ring Circus
Item: Recycled Circuit Board Eco friendly Funky Valentine Bookmarks

A) $5
B) $9.50
C) $9.50?!?
D) Yeah, OK, $9.50.
E) Considering how often I talk about books being rendered obsolete by technology, I guess I ought to see these as some kind of sublime revenge: Computer innards sliced up in the name of old-fashioned reading. And the problem of electronic waste is quite serious, seriously. But I’m just not a bookmark person! I fold corners. What about you?

It does raise another question, though: With the decline of the book, what is happening to all the bookmark makers? Are they finding other jobs? Perhaps in the industrial sector?

3. Site: Zibbet
Seller: DiveDiva
Item: Soda tab bracelet.


A) I don’t care if it’s only a buck, it still shouldn’t exist. All soda tab projects are insults to Daniel F. Cudzik.
B) A buck
C) $12
D) $12?? HAhahahahaha!

4. Site: Zibbet
Seller: Pennamite
Item: Suffragette Purse, Green

A) We already have those.
B) I gotta say it: $45?!?

5. Site: ShopHandmade
Seller: Indecisive.shop, aka Jessa Huff
Item: Red, white & blue book bag crocheted from yarn and plarn.

A) $50
B) $7
C) Actually it’s $20, which has created a weird situation: it’s both way too much and way too little. Allow me to address you directly, Jessa: This bag is hiddy, as are all plarn crafts, and yet there is no way $20 comes close to justifying the time you must have spent making it. Just stringing together the plastic strips must have taken a couple hours, and then all that crocheting? What are you earning, like $2/hour? Get a life, girl! This has been a Jessa Service Announcement.

1. A or D. Or, A then D.
2. B, C and/or D.
3. A and C, then D.
4. A and B.
5. Yeah, this is a goofy quiz. But poor Jessa! No one’s priorities should be that screwed up.

P.S. Did you know April Winchell has taken Regretsy down? Like, totally down! No archives even! Reeling, here.


4 responses to “UnBargains: Recycled Items From the Other Etsies

  1. The motorcycle and the bookmarks are things that I would have fun putting together and showing off, but not something I’d buy. (I’ll be honest, I like seeing things made out of other things.) The rest of it, though… ew.
    The only thing made out of pop can tabs that I really liked was the chain mail sheet/table runner my friend Will made. And that’s because it was chain mail.

  2. April took down Regretsy?! That’s a real shame. I remember when she stopped updating, but turned it over to someone else to run and said that she would leave it up. So much wonderful snark, gone forever!

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