The Messenger (Trash) Bag

Have you noticed that messenger bags have evolved in recent years into badges of, if not actual virtue, then earnestness or moral authenticity? Something about that floppy flap has come to convey that you’re not just the typical briefcase-toting sellout.

This, naturally, makes them a magnet for upcyclers. The results are a mixed, well, bag. (Haw!) While bags made of old tire tubes, billboard ads or car seats can look quite cool, other materials pose a bigger challenge. (Look for the word “homeless” to pop up several times below.)

At TerraCycle, a company that collects packaging and turns it into a variety of stuff, the bags make you look like a product rep…


Or homeless…

TerraCycle Messenger Bag - Stacys Simply Naked

Or like someone who SPITS ON THE HALLOWED MEMORY of anti-litter messiah Daniel F. Cudzik!!*


Other creations from around the web have a range of connotations. I’m divided on this fused-plastic item.


The colors are good, but the overall effect seems rather… well… homeless.

Better homeless than criminally lacking in empathy, though. That’s what I always say! This bag is made from discarded life vests and, well…

messenger-bag-life-vestI know it’s just terrible to have to discard all those vests, but come on! Does anybody want to walk around with a plane crash bag over their shoulder? “Honey, your style is tragic!” Me-yow! Ugh.

Then there’s the inevitable plarn creation, which makes you look like… Jesus? Or just someone who talks to pigeons?


Or simply… homeless.

*Actually, he could still be alive, I dunno.


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