Not So Wretched?

Looking back over the storied history of this blog, I’ve run across a few crafty creations that I may have judged too harshly. Not only might these items not be Wretched, but they may actually be quite good! Creative and engaging, even! Imagine that.

Here, I’ll explain the reasons for my about-faces, and you can yea or nay in the comments. First, the bunny covered in used cigarette filters by artist Tom Deininger.



It’s actually this object that brings me before you today, a penitent soul who’s questioning her capacity for incisive art criticism. After dismissing it as yucky, I’ve found myself thinking about it several times over the weeks — not always a sign of good art, but close. It helped that Dana Forlano stepped up with a dissent in the comments, prompting me to reconsider my take.

My problem with this was the rather stale — I thought — Disney cuteness of the bunny, which seemed an inadequate symbol of the massive, chaotic force that is Nature; also, it was kitschy. On second thought, though, the bunny seems to represent precisely our inability to fully relate to, or even envision, the complexity of the environment we’re in the process of ruining. Maybe Deininger is saying that our Disney-fied view of nature undercuts our best efforts to protect it.

In short: Nice work, Tom! Sorry about before.



I was just plain wrong about this wedding arch made of books. Reading is a lovely metaphor for marriage, and more importantly, it’s cute. Omskivar and Fluffypinkladybrainz educated me on this one.

Onward to this Altoids-tin advent calendar.


I was way too harsh toward this. Sure, the colors are weird, as is the placement, but the basic idea could work with a few tweaks. And it’s very well-executed. It didn’t deserve to be included with the truly Wretched projects in the Ugly Altoids Game.

And last but certainly not least (if you know what I mean, and what I mean is that she has to be at least a DD cup, Holy Moly) is this rubber tire vest.


I actually think this looks quite cool; I just put it up because I wanted to make fun of the maker’s name: “KrakenWhip.” (Hahaha! Still funny!) And to show some boobies.

So there it is. What do you think, folks? Too nice? Too harsh? Too much cleavage?


7 responses to “Not So Wretched?

  1. The rubber tire vest is bad because no article of clothing should be made of rubber outside the kink scene. It has nothing to do with the execution of this specific piece.

  2. Heh heh. I’m the person behind KrakenWhip, and what’s really funny is that I’m actually a 36B at my biggest. ;-D I had to take all my own pictures of me modeling my early stuff, so I got a few odd camera angles; hence, the illusion of big boobs. Also, for anyone wondering: there are actually a lot of places people would wear this kind of thing. Over a tight tank top at a street fair, Wasteland Weekend and other post-apocalyptic events, Burning Man, quite a few local events here in the Bay Area…
    And just to clarify: it’s not a vest, it’s a bra. C’mon, of course there’s cleavage. 😉

  3. I can’t stand smoking, so I don’t like the bunny, but I really like all the other stuff. I love to read and love books. I love Altoids, and I love the very useful tins they come in. I love the idea of repurposing tire inner tubes into really cool articles of clothing that are too way out there for me, but hey, I was in college when halter-tops were THE article of clothing. And, there’s nothing wrong with cleavage–it’s beautiful. Actually, I’m a little surprised that there is a blog specifically for making fun of other people’s creativity. But looking at the list of blogs you follow, being snarky seems to be a rather wide phenomenon. I don’t get it.

    • Hey there Pamela, and thanks for your comments. I also have some qualms about being mean to people’s creativity, but I also have some justifications that I’m addressing in the new improved manifesto I’m working on.

      That said, aren’t there any crafts on here that tempt to you be the slightest bit snarky? Tell the truth, now. How about the guitar in the Altoids match-up game? Or the sandals in the original tire post? Be honest!

      I think you misread my take on the tube top. I admit it was wrong to include it in that post; it actually looks very cool.

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