Bottle Caps: Are they Garbage?

Bottle caps! Can we have an intimate talk about bottle caps? All close and quiet-like?


I don’t think bottle caps count as garbage.

To my mind, garbage is: 1) Ugly or smelly and 2) a threat to the environment. Bottle caps aren’t ugly or smelly. They’re actually sort of talismanic. Collectible, even.


And anybody who claims bottle caps are a significant contributor to landfill swellage needs to be edged away from with a strained, placating smile.

Bottle caps are also associated with that magical elixir, Mexican Coca-Cola, which uses real sugar instead of corn syrup and which is — so sad! — actually less tasty than the American kind. But it’s still fun to screw off the cap and swig from a real glass bottle. Who doesn’t get excited when they’re on a road trip, pull up at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, and see one of those old-timey soda machines? They’re great.

It’s sad, then, that so many people manage to turn bottle caps into trash. Look at these bottle-cap wind chimes! So much work, and it’s just a hanging blob of garbage. Right on the front porch for all to see.



Design Team Project for Sakura Hobby Craft -

I guess if you can’t bother to water your plant — much less mulch or trim it — you might as well decorate it with garbage.


Look at those sad leaves! Maybe it’s aware of what’s been stuck in its pot, and it’s blushing.

Bottle cap earrings are another go-to.


Yeah, right. These are worse than Luna Lovegood’s radish earrings in Harry Potter. And didn’t she also have a butterbeer-cork necklace?


That’s worse.

This next designer thought a cute model could make bottle-cap jewelry look haute.

It doesn’t matter how much you pout, it’s still trash. (Hey, I think I’ve found my new motto!) Although, as I was saying, it wasn’t really trash to begin with.

          bottle-cap3 bottle-cap2


GAWJUS bottle cap closeups courtesy of the accidental mysteries blog.


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