Yoga Mats Get Twisted Up

Yoga mats! It’s probably never occurred to you that someone would look at their sweaty, stinky, worn-out yoga mat and think, “Now, there’s a source for lovely household items.” But it’s true! Below, the evidence.

These ideas come from irritating DIY site Brit + Co. Note that they seem to have used a brand-new yoga mat for the pix, rather than the sweaty, stinky, worn-out version. I wonder why?

Take a look at — or better yet, a whiff of — your own old mat and imagine transforming it into these DIYs.

A “gift envelope.” So festive, with that dead blue combined with the black. Also germy. But mostly festive!


This chair cushion cover should not exist, but I’m more interested in the hand-dyed chevron rug below it. Is there a single Pinterest user in the galaxy who hasn’t made one of these and posted a picture of it? In a few years, hand-dyed chevron rugs are going to say “grandma” the way china figurines do today.


Glance at the Brit + Co site for 10 seconds and decide whether any one of the women who work there would ever carry this “clutch.”


I don’t want this hair tie, but I think I want her hair.  yoga-mat-hair-tie

This next bunch of pix falls under the category of “Wait, you want to put that near FOOD? Are you out of your mind?!?” (Yes, this is a category. I think when you reflect a minute you’ll see that this category applies to a surprisingly wide array of circumstances in your own life.)

Just imagine me saying “Wait, you want to…?!?” etc., for each of these pix.

yoga-mat-cork yoga-mat-drawer-liner yoga-mat-jar-opener yoga-mat-koozie

P.S. You can also visit the Grab Bag post for a snap of some ugly yoga mat flip-flops.

P.P.S. Just because these ideas are dumb, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to assuage your mat angst. Lifehacker suggests using a mat as a nonslip rug pad — finally, a good idea! — and passes on 26 other tips of varying practicality from Health magazine. The folks at Jade Yoga Mats are repurposing old mats in a couple of different ways, and while the idea of giving them to prisoners seems dubious, or at least yucky (the mats, not the prisoners), it beats a koozie.


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