Pet Beds: A Ruff Ride

Today the popular upcycling & DIY site Curbly has a post all about pet beds. These projects have long attracted gleam-in-the-eye upcyclers because, for one, they’re about the same size as certain unwieldy types of garbage. Like the venerable suitcase:


The frames on the back have various photos of the kitty, like it’s got its own portrait wall. Is that cute? I think it might be.

The suitcase bed is followed closely in popularity by the iMac cat bed.*


The other reason pet beds are a popular upcycling target is because the human isn’t the one who has to live with a project gone wrong. Unfortunately, though, pets are notorious for sleeping anywhere and everywhere besides their designated beds.


It doesn’t help if the bed is OBVIOUSLY TOO TALL FOR THE DOG TO CLIMB INTO.


Thus, in the Curbly post, it seems like a few of these pets were placed on “their” beds mere seconds before the picture was snapped. Take a look and try to decide who really likes their bed, and who is expecting treats as soon as they see the flash.

For instance, I have my suspicions about this guy.


*Incidentally, I made one of these iMac cat beds myself, and though the result is cute — and actually gets used — it is a GIANT THROBBING PAIN IN THE BUTT to get all the innards out of one of those cases. Giant. Throbbing. Be warned.


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