Have a plarny day

Just some plarn today. What’s plarn? So glad you asked!

Imagine decking yourself out in these plarn shoes…


And this plarn hat…


Standing on this plarn rug…


In the vicinity of this plarn…uh…bowl? Upside-down hat?


Holding this plarn octopus! Which may be the most successful plarn creation I’ve ever seen.


What a beautiful vision. Incidentally, that lavender plarn bowl-thing makes me suspicious. I don’t think you get a bright color like that from old grocery bags. I think this person CHEATED and BOUGHT their plarn in a big roll! CHEATER! CHEEEEEATERRRR!

Of course, it’s possible to buy plarn without forgoing the anemic, washed-out colors necessary for true recycled authenticity. Why, this 114-yard ball is only $3.99! That seller must be cleaning UP.


While this ball of old Target bags is 56 yards for $5.50. What a rip!


This has been your plarn day.


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