Hand-Crafted Felt Board Equals Existential Purgatory

Today, a personal craft story. A couple years ago I decided to make a felt “to do” board. Here it is:

Isn’t it cute? The idea is that I stick the little velcro-backed felt symbols on the top portion of the board to show my goals for the day, then move each one from “I will” to “I did” as I do it.

(I just love felt appliques. When I was a kid my mom made me a stocking with appliques of an angel and a decorated Christmas tree, and it freaking RULED. A few years ago I copied her technique to make holiday stockings for myself, my best friend and the cats. They’re super cute.)

So this felt board was supposed to become a treasured part of my life. Except it didn’t. Somehow I just never got around to sticking the symbols on there. Eventually the board ended up on a shelf under a stack of magazines.

I stumbled across it again last week and decided to clean the dust off. As I did, I realized something awful:

I no longer remember what any of the symbols are for!

My lovingly stitched icons — because, yes, I actually embroidered them — are ciphers. Take this one:


What did I want an explosion for? What did it signify?

Or this one:

I know it’s a mountain, complete with foothills and a tiny tree, but dang if I know why I made it. I’d say it had to do with getting outside (nature, you know), but then what’s this other tree for?


How about this pair of lungs? Do they tell me to take my asthma medication, or perhaps do cardio?


Should I take a bath, or have a good cry?


Then there are the stars and puffballs:

I think the puffballs might be related to writing freelance queries (queries = assignments = money = green) but the stars are a total mystery.

At least there’s a lot of happiness on the board. I embroidered the smiley face and the big grin.

felt-patch-smiley-face felt-patch-smile felt-patch-heart

If nothing else, the board is still DARN cute, right? But the mystery of the symbols will bother me until I can either figure them out, or come up with new meanings for them. Thoughts?


3 responses to “Hand-Crafted Felt Board Equals Existential Purgatory

  1. I think Freud would have a lot to say about your symbols. All you’re missing is a cigar and a train tunnel.

    On the other hand, your lovely embroidered whatsits would make a really cute mobile.

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